Why I Became Christian

Why I Became Christian

As young adults, we strive for identity and purpose. Those two words can have a unique meaning to everyone. How does one find their identity? Personally, I found myself through God and this is my story on why I became Christian (I’ll keep it short and sweet).

What is Christianity?

Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus. He is our Messiah, the one who saved us from death and rose again three days later. We also have the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One in the same person, but with different purposes. What’s so amazing about Jesus’ life is He devoted all of his time and energy to pursuing God’s purpose in His life, and that was to save the world from everlasting death.

Without getting too much into it, Jesus was someone that everyone looked up to. He was a leader, speaker, healer, and spoke the Word of God so boldly that people either loved or hated Him. He was that powerful and He is the reason why I am who I am today… as to why I became Christian.

Kayla’s Christian Story

As a young girl, I was brought up in the church with my mom, dad, and younger brother. We were the typical family that dressed up every Sunday, went to church on time, had lunch, and then went home. Sunday was our family day and it was the day of rest from a really busy week.

I never dedicated my life to Christ until I attended this youth conference (kind of like a concert but one that lasted all weekend), and that was when I really surrendered unto the Lord. I don’t really remember the day so much but I remember the tears that fell down my eyes and the cry to God for help because I was going through so much.

I grew up and of course things got messy. I went through high school, had the biggest heartbreak of my life, got my drivers license, went to prom, and I started to forget about my commitment with God. And it wasn’t because I didn’t want to honour Him, but it was because I got distracted. And that’s when my life started to change.

Why I Became Christian
Photo of Kayla and her Family

I began to do life day by day. I was so depressed and I felt so alone. There was no moment in my life that didn’t pass by where I would ask myself if this was for me or if I was meant to do this. I had no purpose and no sense of direction. And when you don’t have a sense of direction, you’ll turn anywhere to find it.

I did things to escape my feelings. Basically, I sinned… a lot. And I started to feel more empty. I participated in dance and met so many great friends through that, but it didn’t make me feel whole on the inside.

Then, my mom passed away from cancer when I was 19. Worst. Day. Ever. Maybe even the worst month because she passed away on Boxing Day. So my identity became nothing. I just lost my mom… what the hey am I supposed to do now? She was the strongest woman that I knew and now she’s gone. Could this be the end? Or could this be the reason I bounce back to be someone greater.

Without any hesitation, I turned to God. To be honest, I think I was kind of forced to, in a way, because we just got stuck in a lockdown due to the pandemic. And that’s when the Holy Spirit started to speak to me. It was weird because He did it in such a creative way too. He didn’t make me sit at my desk everyday and just read the bible, He spoke to me through the people around me, the many preaching services I watched, and he legit spoke to me.

Like, He spoke to me through my everyday life. He especially showed that through the thoughts that I had of my mom. I started to miss her at this point and I had moments of grief, maybe even days. But, God used those memories of my mom and told me, “I taught her that,” or “This is why she told you about this,” or “I am the reason why.”

Why I Became Christian
Photo of Kayla and her Mom

With that, I drew curiosity to God and something stirred in my spirit the want to know. I would say I am a fairly curious person and I like to think about everything. But this was different.

I started to surrender my life to God again and I started to understand how important He was to me, my family, and with everything that I have around me. I was nothing apart from Him.

God reveals Himself Differently to Everyone

Yes you read that right. God doesn’t show up the same way He showed up for your best friend. He caters it to you and how you move, think, and do things. So don’t think that just because He didn’t show up at church He doesn’t care about you. Maybe He’s showing up in a different way and you just don’t see Him.

God Loves You, Even If You Sinned

The definition of sin in the Bible is the act of doing something against God’s Word. Some of these things include putting money, pleasure, and material things before God, or lying and cursing. These things go against the Word of God, therefore, are sins.

So how does He love me when I’ve lied before? That’s the amazing part because God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for us so that we can have eternal life. Our sins are forgiven because Jesus paid the price. But, we still have to humbly reach out to Him and ask for forgiveness as well. We can’t take pride because pride is also a sin. We need to acknowledge we did something wrong.

I’ve done a lot in my life to think God doesn’t love me (and I bet you did too), but that doesn’t mean God forgot about us. If He took the time to reveal Himself to me while I was dying in my own pool of tears then He has that same energy for you.


Not only did God change my life, but He changed the way I lived. And I want you guys to experience that as well. Yes, you may have failed many times or you think you are a failure. But that doesn’t mean God sees you that way. He created you in His likeness and image. God definitely took time on you and chose every little bit of you. God sees our heart and not what we look like on the outside. Whenever you’re ready, just call on Him. Why I became Christian was so that I could lose myself so that He can show me who I really am. 

“Lord, thank you for choosing me. Thank you for taking the time to mold me. I ask that you forgive me of all my sins. Wash me in the blood that Jesus died on the cross for. I understand that I am made for a unique purpose and that is to bring honour and glory to your name. Thank you for revealing yourself to me today. I pray this prayer in my utmost respect and humility unto you. In Jesus Name, Amen”

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